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JoinPD – How Do You Join a Presentation in Progress?

Pear Deck solved this question.

Creating an interactive tool that enables teachers as well as students & others transform presentations to classroom conversations!

This is the full explanation in Pear Deck’s YouTube channel:

With Pear Deck, 100% student engagement is just a Deck away!

Here’s how Pear Deck helps create magic in your classroom.

Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers create powerful learning moments for every student, every day.

With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy for you to connect with learners of every age and ability. 

PearDeck JoinPd – How Does It Work?

This is how the JoinPD / PearDeck Join interactive tool works:

The teacher that wants to share a presentation with it’s students will needs to open a JoinPD account.

Once done, a presentation needs to be created and uploaded.

Next step is to send the JoinPD presentation login code to the students, and invite them to join the presentation.

Naturally, joining the presentation would require all students (or everyone who got the Joinpd code and wants to join) to open a Join PD account as well.

Otherwise, with no account they cannot join the presentation.

Need Help in Creating a JoinPD Account?

Need help learning how to use it?

If so, no issue: You can click here for help videos

There are lots of videos in this URL for Google schools, including many tips and explanations for teachers, students and other users!

Example –

How to add pear deck questions to an existing presentation? 

Or – How to manage students responses?

There are other guides and sources for answering questions, therefore you are not required to use the help videos.

Example – you could look for the Pear Deck Youtube channel.

It contains many tips for using JoinPD as well.

JoinPD – it is Actually Very Simple and Straightforward to Use – This is How:

AS explained above, first you need to create a presentation using the smooth Google Drive tool.

Once you activated a Join PD account, you should get a JoinPD login code and send it to whoever you want to show the presentation to.

The users, once they created a account of their own, would use the code to join the presentation.

Have an account?

Got your login code?

Here’s where to enter the code:

Once you got the code, you should paste it here:


It’s recommended that you download the Pear Deck Chrome extension to your browser, provided that you are a Chrome user.

This is how the extention looks like:

How To Get Started With Your Own JoinPD Account?

  • Go to (note that there is no or joinpdcom, and if you try these links you will be redirected to
  • Select “Teacher Login” on the top right.
  • Choose the option that is preferable for you. You can use “Google” or “Microsoft” for creating the account.
  • Upon request, enable “Join PD” or “PearDeck” access to your Google Drive.
  • Answer the questions asked.
  • Select “Teacher” or student, according to your needs.
  • Select your school, including location and postal code.
  • Select “Get Started”
  • You will be able to use PearDeck for 30 days for free. afterwards you will need to start paying for PearDeck’s use and features.

JoinPD Active Learning Techniques

Active learning techniques are used for engaging the students throughout their learning process.

This is done by enabling discussion & various interactive activities.

Unlike usual passive lectures, the active learning has enormous benefits, among others – in reducing achievement gaps, and in increasing the students results.

The Pear Deck Teachers Dashboard allows the teachers to anonymously share the student responses with the class.

This can spark interesting discussions and students engagement.

This practice enables even the quietest students in the room to engage and participate, and it ensures that the students will actively engage while seeing  their ideas being discussed.

This process helps students engage, be active and learn one from each other, and helps the teacher better understand the students difficulties.

How Can I contact Join PD – PearDeck?

There are many ways to contact the company.

You can mail them to

Call them 319-209-5165

And follow them on Twitter:

Facebook –

Instagram –

You Tube –

Popeyes open hours


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