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Looking for Pacsun return policy basics?

Pacsun, Teen fashion retailer “Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC”, is an American lifestyle clothing, swimwear, footwear & accessories for teens and young adults.

Pacsun operated up to 900 stores in the past, by 2022 it operates 325 stores in 50 states & Puerto Rico.

Pacsun is operating since 1980, and sells many well known brands such as Billabong, Element, Vans, Hurley, Young & Restless, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Enjoi, Vurt, Fear of god, Calvin Klein, Stars and Straps.

Pacsun Return Policy

How Many Days Do I have to Return My Pacsun Order to Store?

As per Pacsun return policy, you can return items you bought online or in Pacsun stores withing a 30 days timeframe.

How Do I Return My Pacsun Order?

There are 2 ways to return your Pacsun orders:

  1. Return by mail.
  2. Return to a Pacsun store near you.

Pacsun Return By by Mail – How Does It Work?

Per Pacsun return policy, to return your order by mail please follow this procedure:
Enter this link here, fill the required details .
Once filled, please click the “Start Return”button.

Can I Exchange My Pacsun Items?

Unfortunately, Pacsun return policy does not allow exchanges.
You can only return and be refunded.
Why is that?
Pacsun website explains that Pacsun’s fashion is changing too quickly, and therefore keeping stock is not possible, and exchanges are not optional.

Are there Exceptions to Pacsun Return Policy?

Yes, there are some exceptions as follows:
1. Some brands are not eligible for return.
These brands are:
  • FOG (Fear of God) Essentials
  • PS Reserve
2. Some products are not eligible for return.
These products are:
  • Earrings
  • Masks
  • Women’s underwear

3. Venmo orders cannot be returned in-store.

To return a Venmo item to Pacsun, please use the “Return by Mail” option.

I Bought a Swimwear in Pacsun. Can I Return it?

Swimwear can only be returned if it’s unworn, and has it’s original tags intact as well as it’s sanitary panel adheared.

I Bought a Pacsun Item in a Final Sale. Can I Return It?

Unfortunately, final sale products cannot be returned to Pacsun, neither can they be exchanged.

I would like To Return a Gift Bag to Pacsun. Is it possible?

Pacsun return policy does not allow gift bags returns.
Please also note for returns made after 30 days, the refund will be issued to an e-gift card, redeemable online and in-store.

Is Online Return to Pacsun Free?

No, it’s not.

️You will not pay your shipping fees in advance.

A $7 shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.

Pacsun Return In-Store – How Does It Work?

 You can return your online orders by mail.
Alternatively, you can also bring it to one of the Pacsun stores near you.
All you need to do is access Pacsun website store locator, and look for a store that is most convinient for you to go to.

Pacsun store near me:

If you don’t want to start searching for a store in Pacsun’s website, you can just Google “Pacsun store near me”and the Pacsun stores around your location will come up.

Do I need to Bring Any Purchase Proof to Return a Pacsun Product to Store?

Yes, according to Pacsun return policy you should bring along the invoice that was included in your package.
In addition, you are requested to have your credit card used to pay for your online purchase with you.

Can I Return My Order After 30 Days?

Yes, you can.
However, please be aware that for returns made after 30 days, the refund will be issued to a merchandise return card, redeemable online and in-store.

I paid with BitPay. Can I return my order?

You can return your order in-store if you paid with BitPay and same for PayPal.
Note that your refund will be in the form of store credit only.
To be refunded back to your BitPay or PayPal account, please follow the Return by Mail instructions above.
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