Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

PearDeck Join PD enables teachers to create a slide show presentation using their personal Google Slides account.

There is a large selection of templates selection to chose from, making it easier for teachers who prefer not to start from scratch.

Once a new project is created, the teacher gets a code that can be sent to students.

This can be done easily using Google Classroom.

The student who got a code goes to the PearDeck Join PD website, and enters the code he was given, to connect to the presentation.

The student’s replies show on the teacher’s screen in real time.

The teachers can also lock the student screens, if they wish to prevent them from changing their replies.

List of the Best PearDeck Features:

PearDeck offers various tools and presentation resources for teachers, such as:

  • Many templates to choose from
  • A sample question gallery
  • Help articles
  • A forum
  • Smooth integration with Google infrastructure
  • Adding audio slides
  • Teacher dashboard for monitoring progress

How Does PearDeck Pricing Work?

PearDeck comes in 3 packages to choose from:

The Free Package:

This package offers most of the main features including:

Lessons creation, Google and Microsoft integration possibility, student locks and timers, various templates, option to access a flashcard factory.

Individual Premium Package: $149.99 per year

This package has all of the above.

In addition, it includes many features that upgrade the interactivity and monitoring possibilities.


  • See and highlight responses by student name
  • Support remote and asynchronous work.
  • Add draggable and drawable responses.
  • Add on-the-fly questions and activities.
  • Share student progress.
  • Get immersive reader
  • Add audio to the slides.
  • Etc.

Schools and districts – custom price.

Free Package – How Long is PearDeck Join PD Free?

You can try the premium JoinPD package for 60 days without paying.
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