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Marshalls Return Policy

Bought an item on an impulse, took it out of the shopping bag, and discovered that you’ve had it all wrong?

Don’t worry.

Marshalls will accept it back. With it’s terms and conditions, of course.

Let’s start:

How do I return an item bought in-store?

If you changed your mind, are not satisfied with your purchase, or just want to return the item for no real reason, it is not a problem.

You have a timeframe of 30 days from the date of purchase to change your mind.

It’s true: Some retailers are more generous with returns timeframe.

Target or Bloomingdales for example allows us a full year (365 days) to decide…well, for most items.

However, 30 days is still a decent timeframe.

(In case the store is closed due to COVID-19, the 30 days still apply, from the date of re-opening of the Marshall store).

It’s important to remember:

In case you return an item to Marshalls store, bring the purchasing receipt with you.

According to Marshalls return policy, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the merchandise with the receipt within 30 days of purchase, as long as the product returned is in its new condition, and can be sold as new.

How do I return an item to Marshalls by mail?

The timeframe for returning goods purchased online to Marshalls is 10 days longer than an in-store purchased item:

The extended time is 40 days of your order date, instead of 30 days.

Included on your purchasing receipt is a return shipping label. Use that.


Marshalls charge a return shipping and handling fee of $9.99.

This amount will be deducted from your refund or store credit.

Once the returned product is packed, you can drop it off at the shipping carrier as per return label instructions, together with your receipt.

Note that in case the return arrives at the Marshalls warehouse more than 40 days after the order date, you will receive a merchandise credit and not a refund.

you can avoid the return shipping and handling fees by bringing the returned purchase to a Marshalls store.

Marshalls Refund Policy – how does it work?

Once the item is returned within the 30 days timeframe; found to be in a new condition and has purchasing proof, it should be approved for a refund or exchange.
The refund will be processed within a 10-day period.

Marshalls returns by mail refund:

Marshalls will credit your account.

After the return has been received, the credit process might take 10 to 14 business days.

Marshalls returns in-store refund:

The return, in this case, will be refunded immediately to the original form of payment (or merchandise credit issued)

It may take several days until you see the refund in your account.

Marshalls return policy after 30 days, or with no receipt:

If you want to return an item purchased at Marshalls after 30 days from the purchase date, or in case you lost your purchasing receipt, that is fine.
The only change is that you could only replace it with another merchandise by getting a credit.
You cannot get your money back.
In case you don’t have a receipt when you return the product:
Marshalls return policy refers to this case and asks you to bring your valid government-issued photo ID with you, including your name, your address, and signature.
For using the credit you will receive, you will need to show that credit and your ID details match.

Exceptions to Marshalls return policy:

👉 Bought in store? You cannot return the merchandise online; the only option to return is to one of the Marshall stores.

👉 These items are not eligible for in-store returns:

  • Items over $1,000
  • Handbags over $499.99
  • Long occasion gowns

👉 Beauty items opened or tampered with cannot be returned

👉 Gift cards are not eligible for returns.


Can I return swimwear or Intimate apparel to Marshalls?

In case you return swimwear or intimate apparel, all you need to do is to make sure to return it with the tickets properly attached to the products.

Can I return an Item purchased at Marshalls to T.J.Maxx?

The answer is no.
If you purchased products at Marshalls, you need to return them to Marshalls store if you change your mind.
It cannot be returned to any of the Marshalls sister companies, T.J.Maxx included.

Can I exchange an item bought online?

No. Due to Marshalls inventory changes, exchanges are not eligible for online orders.

Can I return a used or worn product?

No, you can’t.
In case that you returned your product to Marshalls in such a state, it will not be accepted.

To locate a Marshlls store, enter this link.



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