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Ulta Return Policy Overview

In case you are not happy with the makeup shade or the gift you received, Ulta will receive it back in a simple and hassle-free process for a full refund or exchange, per your wish.

Actually, Ulta calls the return process “happy return”!

You can understand the general top customer-satisfaction oriented attitude…

Let’s go over the details:

The timeframe for returning products to Ulta is 60 days.

According to Ulta’s return policy, you should bring all components with you when returning the product.

Returned it should be packed in the original package if possible, and include the packing slip.

Can I return an item if I lost the receipt?

Sure, no problem!

According to Ulta’s return policy, even if you lost the receipt you can return the items back.

Purchases can be traced using Ulta’s member number on your account.

What if the purchase cannot be traced?

Even in this case, Ulta has a solution.

If the purchase cannot be traced, according to Ulta return policy you will be refunded with in-store credit, for the lowest selling price of the product’s last 90 days price.

Can I return items to Ulta after 60 days from the purchase date?

Yes, you can.

If you return items to Ulta after more than 60 days from the purchase date, you will receive an in-store credit instead of a refund.

If I bought an Ulta’s item from another retailer, am I can I return the item to Ulta?

The answer is no.

Items that were not purchased directly from Ulta Beauty are not eligible for a return

How is the Ulta return process done?

There are 2 ways to return or exchange an item to Ulta:

Purchase made in-store

For an item bought in one of the stores, just bring the item to any Ulta store, and ask one of the employees for assistance.

The timeframe for return is 60 days from the date of purchase.

This method for return is recommended, to save shipping costs and speed the process.

Purchase made online

Online or in-app purchases can be returned by mail, or by bringing it to one of the Ulta Beauty stores.

Shipping charges will not be refunded.

If you return the product within 60 days of

How is the Ulta refund process done?

If you returned the item in a new and sellable condition, including all components, and with a packing slip (or any other way for the item to be traced), the refund will be made to the original form of payment.

If you used an online third payment service such as Paypal, the refund will be made to your preferred credit/debit card, or alternatively per your choice will be issued as in-store credit.

For all the other cases, your refund will be performed to an in-store credit.

When will I get a refund?

Consider a timeframe of 7 – 10 days for receiving the refund back to your account.

How do I return items to Ulta by mail?

Return an item by mail is prepaid, meaning that you are expected to pay for the shipping charges.

The return should take place within 60 days from purchase.

You will receive a refund for your original payment method, and if it was made with a store Gift Card, the refund will be issued back to an eGift Card.

On the packing slip, you received there is a return mailing label.

You are requested (per Ulta return policy) to use it with the return shipment and ship the item back in the same package you got from Ulta if possible.

The package should be returned to this address: Returns Center
1135 Arbor Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446

You are requested to return all products by ground shipping, due to the fact that some items may include Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT). such are: Some alcohol-based items, contents under pressure, hairspray, nail polish, etc.

It’s recommended using a traceable shipping method for tracking your shipment.

Once Ulta receives the product, you might expect some days for processing the refund. Once done, you will be notified by mail.

If I used a coupon to buy a returned product, do I get the coupon back?

No. According to Ulta return policy, a coupon used for buying and then returning a product cannot be redeemed.

If I return a gift, can I cash it?

If you return a product with a gift receipt, you have 2 options: You can exchange it, or alternatively get in-store credit instead.

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