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If you’re a crafts and arts enthusiastic, you are probably familiar with Michaels!

After all, Michaels is the North America’s largest retailer of arts & crafts, framing & merchandise for makers & DIY lovers.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to become familiar the Michaels return policy!

Just in case you are not satisfied with an item you purchase and prefer to return it back to Michaels.

How many days do I have to return an item to Michaels?

If you are a Michaels customer,  you should be aware that the Michaels return policy is one of the most generous policies!

You can return an item to Michaels within a timeframe of 180 days from purchase date, in case you changed your mind.

Can I return an item after a period of 180 days?

The answer is yes!

The only difference is that after 180 days, refunds will be issued only on a store return card, and not returned to you back to the original payment method.

Michaels return policy – can I return a used item?


To return a Michaels item back to store, you need first to make sure the product is new and in a salable condition.

A used item will probably not be accepted back.

It needs to be new, unused, and preferably in its original package.

How do I return an item to Michaels?

There are 2 ways to return an item:

  1. Directly to a Michaels store near you.
  2. By mail.

What is the procedure to return an item to Michaels by mail?

To return to Michaels by mail, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact Michaels customers service.
  2. Get a return shipping label to your email.
  3. Print the shipping label and carefully adhere it to your return package.
  4. Deliver your package to the a UPS office.

How do I return an item without a receipt?

In case you want to return a Michaels item but you’ve lost your receipt, here’s is the procedure:

  1. You will be requested to provide a valid photo ID.
  2. Michaels staff will try to trace your receipt in their system.

In most cases, your purchase can be traced by Michaels staff.

If they succeed, the return will follow the Return with Receipt process.

What if my receipt is still not traced?

In this case: Once your ID information is retained in system, you will also get a refund.

However, in this case refunds will not be in cash payment, but in the form of a store credit.

You should also know that in case of return without a receipt, the refund value will be calculated according to the lowest price sold in the last 90 days.

What is Michaels refund policy?

According to Michaels refund policy, all refunds will be to the original payment method, with the following exceptions:

  • Bought with a debit card? You will be refunded as cash.
  • Used a gift card or have a gift receipt? You will get a store return card.
  • Purchased with a check? Be prepared for a 10 day waiting period and for getting a store card.
  • Used PayPal for an online purchase? You will be refunded in cash.

Return of MichaelsPro™ items:

If you are not completely happy with a purchase, you can be refunded within a time of 180 days of purchase date.

You will need to get a Return Authorization, through the dedicated support line at 1-833-MIKEPRO (645-3776).

Refunds will be offered in the original method of payment for six months (180 days), except:

How can I return a Michaels online purchase?

Your package you receive includes online return instructions on the packing slip.

Make sure to keep it, in case you change your mind and wish to return it later.

Can I return online a product purchase in store?

The short answer would be – no.

Your in store purchase cannot be returned online.

Are there exceptions to Michaels return policy?


As with every retailer, there are some exceptions.

1. Cricut® Products – these can be returned or exchanged only in case packaging is unopened, and only with a receipt.

2. Gift / prepaid Cards are generally not returnable, unless required by law.

3. Custom orders may only be reworked at the same store within 14 days from order pickup.

What is Michaels Customers Service phone?

You can contact Michaels customer care at 1-800-MICHAELS (1-800-642-4235).

How can I find a Michaels store near me?

Here’s Michaels store locator

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