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Looking For Insperity Login?

There are many Insperity login options.

Scroll down for the Insperity login portal links, and contact us if an important Insperity login link is missing.

Prior to checking the Insperity portal login, you’d probably like to know some Insperity facts.

What is Insperity Portal?

The Insperity portal is a professional employer organization.

What is Insperity Inc. Mission?

Insperity portal’s mission is to provide small and medium businesses (SMB) with human resources, as well as administrative services.

How Many Customers Does Insperity Serve?

Today Insperity serves not less than 100,000 businesses, as well as more than two million employees!

How Many Offices Does Insperity Have?

Insperity has over 70 offices across the US, and more than 3000 corporate employees.

Here are some Insperity Inc facts that you probably don’t know:

  1. Insperity was founded in 1986.
  2. Insperity Inc. was previously called Administaff, Inc.
  3. The company name was changed from Administaff to Insperity in 2011.
  4. It’s headquarter is in Kingwood, Houston, Texas.
  5. Few people are aware that since 2004 Insperity sponsors a professional golf tournament on the Champions Tour. (The champion tour has been previously known the Administaff Small Business Classic).
  6. Paul J. Sarvadi, which is the Chairman of the Board and CEO, as well as the co-founder of the Company & its subsidiaries, has been a director in the company since the Company’s 1986 inception.
  7. Insperity completed its IPO (initial public offering) in January 1997.
  8. Today, Insperity is publicly traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the ticker symbol NSP.
  9. Insperity 2020 revenue: $4.3 billion

What Services Do Insperity supply through Insperity Portal?

These are the main Insperity provided services today:

  • Insperity helps it’s customers to evaluate the leadership & employees of possible acquisitions,
  • One of the main Insperity services is helping companies hire talents and increase employees retention,
  • Insperity takes care of the corporate’s employees benefits, including their dental, vision and health insurance,
  • Insperity takes care of it’s customers retirement 401(k) plans, through a dedicated Insperity portal
  • It offers the service of corporate’s payroll processing,
  • It offers HR administration for it’s customers.
  • It handles the customers workers’ compensation.
  • It takes care of development of healthy work / life balance for the customers’ employees.
  • It takes care of it’s customers’ regulatory compliance issues.
  • It ensures there’s alignment between the organization’s goals and its HR strategy.

Are The Insperity Portal Reviews Good?

There are approximately 1000 reviews on Glassdoor at the time of this article.

The average score is 4.2 – see below:

Insperity portal reviews

The main Insperity pros are:

“Flexible Schedule; Great Culture; Work-life balance” (in 132 reviews)

“Work life balance, culture, partnerships with coworkers, great benefits” (in 64 reviews)

The main Insperity cons are:

“Company also treats this as if it is a small sales cycle, but in reality it is very long” (in 20 reviews)

“Lacks work/life balance during a huge chunk of year” (in 15 reviews)

Insperity Login Options:

Below are Insperity login options to the different portals:

Insperity – Create Account here

Insperity Login – Premier

Insperity Employee Login 

Insperity Perform Smart 

Insperity Retirement Services

Insperity App Demo

Insperity login to mobile app on Google play –

insperity login mobile

What Is Insperity Timestar?

Insperity TimeStar is one of Insperity’s time management features.
Insperity Timestar is a web based system enabling it’s users to monitor customer’s employees timesheets, develop their schedules, as well as  find and fix the discrepancies.

Organizing the corporates employees, provide transparent communication, reduce corporate costs (by enabling corporate to manage over hours), prevent fraud in employees labor hours – all these are amongst Insperity Timestar benefits.

You can look at it as your virtual manager.

Once you login to Insperity portal Timestar section, You’ll find the following TimeStar explanation:

Insperity Timestar “makes it easy to import timekeeping information into payroll and cuts down on administrative time”.

How Do I Find Insperity Timestar Login Option?

These are the Insperity Timestar login steps:

  1. Click here (that’s the Insperity Timestar official link)
  2. Use your login details to log.
  3. Look for a successfully logged in message.
  4. Insperity Timestar login – Didn’t succeed? check if your password is correct, or retrieve your password.

For Join PD login click here

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