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Staples Return Policy Overview

In case you’re not satisfied with the purchase you have made at Staples, you can return or exchange your product for whatever reason in a timeframe of 14 days.

In general, the store asks you to return the product in the conditions in which it was sold or in which it reached your hands, preferably in the original package in which it was sent.

It must have the Universal Product Code, manuals, parts and everything that has arrived in the same package.

Any objects or personal information that has been added to the package must be removed before it is returned.

Which items are returnable according to the Staples return policy?

14 days from purchase return option apply for these items, in new/original condition:

  • Office supplies
  • Technology products
  • Furniture.

Software products:

You will have 30 days after the purchase to make the return, providing that the boxes are unopened.

(Note that In the case of opened software boxes, they will not be accepted back).

Ink and toner supplies will only be accepted unopened as well as unexpired.

Applecare+ has a 30 days return policy as well.

Which items are non-returnable at Staples?

Gift cards, Phone cards & Prepaid cards are non-returnable and therefore non-refundable according to the Staples return policy

Digital software will not be refunded.

Staples return policy – returns in store

If you have a Staples store near you, you can easily return or exchange your product in just a few steps.

  • You simply have to go to the store within 30 or 14 days after purchase, depending on your product, with the original proof of purchase.
  • Then you just have to talk to a sales assistant showing the receipt and he will proceed with the next steps.

For exchange, you’ll have your product replaced immediately.

In the case of a refund request, it will depend on the transaction that is made:

  • If it was a purchase with a credit card or due, you will receive your money in a period of 3 to 5 days.
  • In the case of a payment with gift cards, you’ll have to wait between 7 and 10 business days.
  • In case you used a coupon, you will be refunded within the next 72 hours. Alternatively, you can simply receive cash at the store.

Returns online

This process is simple as well.

This is the procedure you need to take for Staples online returns:

  • Access the store’s website and log into your account.
  • Choose the return orders option and explain the return request reason.
  • You’ll have to pack the item in the same package in which you received it, with its proper label, in order to send it back to the store.
  • Once it reaches the store, you will be issued a refund of the purchase. In this case, the same conditions for refunding the money apply for returns in the physical store.

staples return policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I exchange a product?

If you do this process through the online store, you have to follow the online return steps as explained above and request a new one.

The payment of the returned item will be refunded to you when you pay for the new one.

In the case of a change in a physical store, you just have to present the product and they will make the change immediately.

At the same time, they will tell you if you have to make an additional payment for the value of the new product, or if there is any difference in your favor and it must be reimbursed.

What if I don’t have the receipt?

If you don’t have the receipt with you, for example: In case that the item you want to replace is a gift, you can make the exchange of your product and the store will issue a credit, as long as it can review and confirm your purchase.

This credit might be a little lower than the price of the product that you have returned.

The reason is that you will be refunded for the lowest selling price in the stores during the last 30 days.

If you don’t have a receipt, it’s also necessary that you bring an ID. Staples might decide not to accept your refund request. In any case, a refund will be made through the original payment method.

What is the Staples return policy in case of a purchase made using a coupon?

In this case, the refund will be for the paid amount.

You will not get the coupon back for a second use.

Can defectives items be returned?

In short, the answer is – yes.

All you need to do to return a defective staples product ordered online is choose this option as the return reason, during the return process.

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