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Best buy, with it’s 980 stores, is NOT the most generous retailer.

(That is, at least when it comes to customers changing their mind about a purchase).

Perhaps understandable, considering the ever changing electronic appliances market.

But still…

We refer to the time allowed to return Best Buy purchases, according to Best Buy return policy.

How Many Days Do I Have To Return An Item To Best Buy?

Best Buy has a standard return policy of 15 days only, starting from the date of purchase.

This is not a lot, and certainly less than most retailers return days allowed.

Are There Any Exceptions To The 15 Days Policy?

Yes, there are certainly some exceptions:

  • Wedding registry items can be returned in the timeframe of 60 days.
  • Best Buy membership programs participants get an extended return option of 30/45 days (depends on the program you choose, as detailed below).
  • Best buy return policy extends the timeframe for returns in times of holidays. (detailed in the official website). 

I Want To Return An Item To Best Buy. What Do I Do Next?

According to Best buy return policy, items should be returned including all accessories and packaging.

Otherwise, it may be denied or only partially refunded.

To better understand the Best Buy return process,  please take a look at the infographic below.

It shows you exactly what needs to be done to return items purchased at Best Buy.

Best Buy Return Policy No Receipt

Usually, Best Buy will accept an item back without a receipt.

However in certain cases, the return may be denied or limited, and it is possible that the refund will not be full and will exclude sales taxes & fees.

What is the Best Buy Appliance Return Policy?

Before accepting any delivery of a major appliance, you are requested to carefully inspect it, and you may reject the delivery in case you find a defect or damage.

Once delivery is accepted, in case you are still not satisfied due to various issues, you may contact support (and not the store) in a timeframe of 15 days. 

How Do I Contact Best Buy Support?

You can contact Best Buy support at 1-800-304-1259, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. CT, 7 days a week.

What Is The Best Buy Restocking Fee?

Per Best Buy return policy, to return items that require activation, you will have to bear the restocking fee of $45. 

The following items account for a stocking fee that equals to 15% of the item purchase price.

  • DSLR cameras and lenses
  • Mirrorless cameras and lenses
  • Leg and body recovery systems
  • Drones, premium camcorders
  • Projectors, projector screens
  • Special-order products

The restocking fee for unopened goods is exempted for various states in the US, which are as follows:

  1. Alabama
  2. Colorado
  3. Hawaii
  4. Iowa
  5. Mississippi
  6. Ohio
  7. Oklahoma
  8. South Carolina

Apart from these states, the exemption is applicable wherever the restocking fee is prohibited by law.

Best Buy Return Policy for “My Best Buy Elite” or “My Best Buy Elite Plus”

Best Buy offers membership programs for its loyal customers. 

These membership programs fall into two categories – 

  • My Best Buy Elite membership
  • My Best Buy Elite Plus membership

Those who subscribe to the membership plans, get access to various advantages from Best Buy. 

Among these advantages, the Best Buy return policy is different for the customers with a membership plan:

For those who have signed up for My Best Buy Elite membership, there is a 30-day extension on the standard return policy.

For those who have signed up for Best Buy Elite Plus membership, there is a 45-day extension on the standard return policy.


1. The extension period is counted from the date of purchase.

2. The membership benefits do not affect:

  • Cell phones and devices that require activation 
  • Wedding registry items

What is the Best Buy Returns Process?

If you have made up your mind to return your product to Best Buy, this is how it works.

There are three options for returning items to Best Buy.

  • Return in Store – here is Best Buy’s stores list 
  • Return by Mail
  • Use a Best Buy Prepaid Label

For a seamless product return experience, make sure to send the returned products with proper packaging. 

This Infographic will make it easier to follow:

Best Buy Return Policy

What is the Best Buy refund policy?

Per Best Buy refund policy, for items returned by mail, the processing of refund takes around 7–15 business days. 

For cash payments of more than $800, check payments of more than $250, or debit card transactions without a prominent credit card logo, the amount is refunded via check in 10 business days.

Target electronics return policy

Best Buy return policy Exclusions:

Here are some exceptions for the Best Buy Return Policy:

Custom Orders are non-returnable.

Gifts will be accepted and refunded in store credits.

Apparel: Will be accepted back and refunded only with original tags and proper condition.

Bundle or Promotional Discount Items: Items that are part of a bundle or discount are eligible for return and refund after deduction of the discount/freebie value.

Best By Express, Best Buy For Business, Best Buy Education: On purchasing products through these programs, the returns will be only applicable in-store.

Walmart return policy


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