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Struggling to find Popeyes hours near you?What time does Popeyes open?

What time does Popeyes close?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which started as 1 restuarant, has been previously called “Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits”, or “Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits”.

Popeyes is a famous American fast food focusing on fried chicken.

It has been founded in 1972 in New Orleans, and it’s headquarters is in Florida (Miami).

It is currently a subsidiary of Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International.

While KFC is the largest chicken restaurant group, Popeyes is the second.

It runs 3,102 restaurants, in more than 46 states as well as in 30 countries worldwide.

30 Popeyes locations are company-owned, while the others are franchised.

For Popeyes various locations, enter this link.

Once you find your state you can click on it, and the various Popeyes locations will apear.


In case you want to visit a Popeyes branch near you in California, you will need to find California Popeyes branches list here:


Popeyes hoursOnce You find California, press the link.

You will get the list of all California branches.

Once you find the branch you were looking for, press it and you will get the Popeyes hours detailed.

You will be able to get all the info you need in regards to Popeyes hours, example:

What time does Popeyes open?

What time does Popeyes close?

This is how it looks like in Popeyes website showing Fremont branch details:

what time does popeyes close

What Time Does Popeyes Close?

Having thousands of locations, Popeyes locations opening and closing hours are not all the same.

Although the opening and closing hours do not differ a lot from each other, it is recommended to check carefully before driving to the Popeyes location near you.

The Popeyes hours can vary according to city, state, franchise or ownership, holidays etc.

What time does Popeyes close? Here’s an example for different Popeyes closing hours:

While in the Fermont Popeyes location (in image above) Fridays and Saturdays close at 10:00 PM, the Azusa location closes on 11:00 PM on same week days.

See here (Info from Popeyes website):

what time does Popeyes open

To Summarize, for Popeyes hours you can visit the Popyese website store locator.

It details all the Popeyes info reuired, including answers to the questions what time does Popeyes close, and what time does popeyes open.

During the weekdays, Popeyes hours are 10:00 AM to 12:00 midnight on Monday through Friday for many locations.

The weekend begins with operating times which are generally the same.

This means Popeyes is open at 10 AM to 12 AM on Saturday as well. Popeyes store hours on Sunday begin during regular operating hours at 10 AM, but generally close doors to customers an hour earlier than usual, at 11 PM. In summary, Popeyes opens at 10 AM Monday-Sunday, and closes at midnight every day except an hour earlier on Sunday.

Though these Popeyes hours are general and may not necessarily apply to your particular location, they are fairly standard and may fluctuate an hour or 2.

For example, some stores close at 11 PM every night while others can be open as late as 1:00 AM. Use the section below to help find your exact Popeyes hours of operation.

There is another way to find out what time does Popeyes open, and what time does Popeyes close.

To get Popeyes hours right you can use Google Maps.

Here’s the link:

Once you click the right Popeyes location, you will see the Popeyes opening and closing info.

Example here:

what time does popeyes close

Google allows you to sort by hours, a tool that can be most convinient in case it’s late and you must know what time does Popeyes close today.

This tool looks like this:

popeyes hours near me

Popeyes hours can change by time and location, and it’s best to check before placing an order or driving there, in case its night time.

Other ways to get in touch with Popeyes customer service is call Popeyes phone number at 1 (877) 767-3937.

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