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If you have seen the Return Policy of Walmart, you must have been overwhelmed by it’s length and complexity.

As always, we are here to help you find your way.

For your convenience, here are the key features of Walmart return policy..

How Many Days Do I have To Return Items to Walmart?

As per the Walmart return policy, you can return most items purchased in from Walmart within 90 days from purchase.

Is There Any Special Return Condition That I Need to Follow?


For a hassle-free Walmart product return, you are requested to follow these 2 conditions:

  1. Make sure that the product remains in its original condition, with the price tags and packaging intact.
  2. Bring your proof of purchase with you.

The return policy does not apply to products that are marked as “non-returnable”.

Here’s The Walmart Return Policy In A Nutshell:

Walmart Return Process infographic

Walmart Return Policy  – The Exceptions: 

The 90-day Walmart return policy applies to most of Walmart’s products.

However, there are many other items which are not covered under this policy.

There are items which have a return period of more than 90 days, and there are items which have a return period of fewer than 90 days.

There is also a separate policy for items purchased between October 28 and December 25.

Items with a 14-day return window:

Post-paid cell phones:

In case you purchased this product and changed your mind, Walmart return policy allows you to return it within a timeframe of 14 days.

Items with a 15-day return window:

Read this Walmart return policy list below, to check if the Walmart product you wish to return is amongst the 15 days products list.

  1. Electric Scooters.
  2. Computer hardware.
  3. GPS units.
  4. Hoverboards.
  5. Printers.
  6. Refurbished video games.
  7. Activity tracker.
  8. Digital music players.
  9. Tablets.
  10. Camcorders.
  11. Smartwatches.
  12. Digital cameras.
  13. Drones.
  14. Personal Computers.
  15. Prepaid cell phones.
  16. Portable video players.

Items with a 30-day return window:

These are the items that you can return to one of Walmart’s stores in up to 30 days:

  1. Air conditioners
  2. Pressure washers
  3. 3D Printer accessories
  4. 3D Printer
  5. Dehumidifiers
  6. Generators
  7. Evaporative Coolers

Items with a 60-day return window:

Prescription Glasses – can be returned to Walmart within 60 days from purchase.

Items with a 1-year return window:

  1. Bulbs
  2. Annuals
  3. Perennials
  4. Foliage
  5. Trees
  6. Plants including Shrubs

Walmart Return Policy For Items Bought Between October 28 and December 25:

Walmart offers extended return timeframes for items which are purchased in the winter holiday season.

Here is the return timeframe for each category per Walmart return policy:

For items under the 15 days return category – until 10th of January

For items under the 30 days return category – until 25th of January

For items under the 90 days return category, the return period remains the same as it already covers the winter holiday season.

Walmart Return Policy – Non Returnable Items:

There are some items that are excluded from this Return Policy.

These list include:

  1. Software delivered by email
  2. Video on Demand
  3. Mobile recharge

Walmart Return No Receipt – Can I Return An Item to Walmart If Receipt Is Lost?


Per Walmart return policy, as long as you return the Walmart product within the specified timeframe, new and in a sellable condition, you can get the refund without any worries. 

Can I Return A Product To Walmart If Package Is Opened?

No, you cannot return items to Walmart if opened.

Depends on the product, you may however have the option to exchange it with another product.

Can I Return a Walmart Item To Any Walmart Store?

Yes, you can return an item bought from a Walmart store to any other Walmart store.

Can I Return a Walmart Item By Mail?


You need to log into your account, trace the item you wish to return and follow the next steps.

However, note to separate the return packages according to separate orders.

It means that items from the same order can be processed in the same return, but multiple items from multiple orders will need to be processed separately and cannot be returned together.

Once logged and traced, you will be asked to select “Return” or “Replace” for each item you wish to return, and provide a reason.

You will then be asked to select the “Return by mail” option and to print your return label.

The next step would be to drop the package off at USPS or FedEx locations near you.

If the returned item is large, you will be prompted with the option to arrange a pickup from your home.

You can track your order here.

What is Walmart Refund Policy?

You’ll receive a refund (or replacement) for your return shipment once Walmart receives the item.

In most cases, the refund will be applied to your original payment method.

Did you pay using cash/check? You’ll be refunded in cash.

Did You pay using a Credit card?                                                                                                                                                                                          The refund will be issued to your credit card used for the purchase.                                                                                                                            If you can’t present the original credit card, and the purchase cannot be traced, you’ll be refunded on a Walmart shopping /gift card.

Did you pay with a gift card?                                                                                                                                                                                                    The refund will be put back on your gift card immediately upon completion of the return process.                                                                      Note that it’s important that you keep your gift card, until you are positive you want to keep the items you purchased with the card.

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