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Looking for Uniqlo return policy basics?

We’re here to help you with that!

But before we explain the basics, did you know this about Uniqlo?

Uniqlo was founded in Japan in a city called Yamaguchi.

Amazingly enough, that was in 1949, and back then Uniqlo was a textiles manufacturer.

Today Uniqlo is a global brand with more than 1000 worldwide stores.

Uniqlo Return Policy

How Many Days Do I have to Return My Uniqlo Order to Store?

Per Uniqlo return policy, you can return the items you bought online or in Uniqlo stores within a 28 days timeframe.

How Do I Return My Uniqlo items?

There are 2 ways to return your Uniqlo orders:

  1. Return by post.
  2. Return to a Uniqlo store near you.

Please note to NOT do this mistake:

Don’t return a product you bought in store by post; Uniqlo does not allow that.

Uniqlo Return By by Mail – How Does It Work?

Per Uniqlo return policy, to return your order by mail please follow this procedure:
  1.  Access this link here, and fill the required details .
  2. You will be requested to enter your order number.
  3. At the end of this process, you will get a label.
  4. Next step is to print this label and place it securely on the package you prepared for return.
  5. Ensure the product(s) is in a securely wrapped parcel.
  6. Contact Uniqlo support to check the address for return, according to the country you are in.
  7.  Take the parcel to a Post Office or to courier.
  8. Get a proof of posting and keep it until you get your refund.

Do Uniqlo Pay The Return Costs?

No, the Uniqlo return policy states that they don’t pay for the return costs.

Your refund will be for the amount you paid, and delivery charges will be deducted.

How Does Uniqlo Refund Policy Work?

Uniqlo refund policy is fast and forward:

You will be refunded 14 working days from the date of receipt of package.

Refunds are made to the same method of payment used for placing the order, and providing (of course) that goods are returned unused and in a sellable condition.

Are there Exceptions to Uniqlo Return Policy?

Yes, there are some exceptions as follows:
  1. Uniqlo innerwear/underwear/swimwear/masks – cannot be returned.
  2. Uniqlo personalized items cannot be returned.

Uniqlo Return Policy – Return to Store:

To return a Uniqlo product to a store, these are the steps you need to take:

Find a UNIQLO store in the same country your online order was placed in.

Please note:

Uniqlo stores don’t refund orders if they were purchased online.

To find the nearest UNIQLO store to your location please use the Uniqlo store locator.

Do I need to have My Invoice with me?

Yes, Uniqlo return policy requires you to present a Uniqlo invoice / proof of purchase upon return.

You will also be asked to explain the reason you wish to return your items.

Can I Exchange My Uniqlo Order?


Upon return you will be asked if you prefer a refund or an exchange.

Uniqlo Exchange Policy

Uniqlo allows you to exchange your items at any UNIQLO store in the country where you purchased.

You can exchange whatever you wish as long as it’s priced same or more than the original purchase price.

The only condition for exchange is that goods are in a new and salable condition, and that you bring your proof of purchase.

(And of course – within a 28days time frame).

Please note that orders paid with PayPal cannot be refunded or exchanged in a UNIQLO store; They will have to be returned online as described above.

I paid With Google Pay, Can  I Exchange My Order in Uniqlo Store?

No. orders that have been placed with other form of payment than a credit/debit card, such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc., are not eligible for exchange in a UNIQLO store, but alternatively should be sent back to Uniqlo warehouse using post / courier.

I Received a Faulty Uniqlo Item. What Do I Do?

If you think that you received a faulty / defected item for your online order, all you need to do is contact Uniqlo customers service via the Contact us form.

Please note to select the “PRODUCT RECEIVED – my item is faulty” option.

You will be asked to provide as much information as possible regarding the defect & the order.

If you prefer to return the defected item and get a refund, you can access the returns portal and select the products for  return.

Once you confirm the reason for return, it will generate a label which you will be requested to add to your return parcel.

Upon receipt of the parcel to Uniqlo, a refund will be generated (deducting the label cost).

Uniqlo near me

If you don’t want to start searching for a store in Uniqlo website, (although you will find their store locator to be most convenient to use) you can just Google “Uniqlo store near me” and the Uniqlo stores around your location will come up.

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